New Trends for Prom Party Dresses 2013

Every girl wants to look dashing during her first prom, but with an array of options to select from, the choice of chic prom dresses might not be that simple. To make the process easier, fashion designers advice that you select dresses based on the trends that are rocking the proms and the celebrity scene for that particular year. With that in mind, here are a few of the new trends for prom dresses 2013.

High-low Dresses


If you have been a keen celebrity observer in the past few months of 2013, you have probably noted fashion-conscious celebs draping these high-low evening dresses at various galas and events. The high-low dress is a hybrid of a cocktail dress and a short party dress.It has a sweeping back and a front that is stylishly short to show off your sexy calves. If you have probably wondered where you might get the chance to wear the dress, here is the good news. You can find a perfect high-low prom dress that suits and fits you in most of online fashion stores including some pretty and chic ones at Bridaldesire.

Animal Print Dresses


Anyone who is fashion-conscious fell in love with animal-print dresses the moment they hit the market. The design is fierce and sexy and has been trending for the most part of 2013. Choose from intricate tiger, zebra or even leopard prints that have side-slits and steal the limelight during the prom.
Floral Dresses


Available in colors that are both chic and girly, the floral prom dresses provide for that austere town-girl look that every girl would like to be associated with. Choose a multicolored but harmoniously-hued prom dress to make you the center of attention during the prom. The floral prom dresses have the added advantage of being easily transitioned into other activities like weddings and homecoming parties. To make the look even glitter and sparkle the more, choose a dress with intricate rhinestone details on the shoulders or along the bodice.

Cut-Out prom Dresses


Flaunt your suntan to everyone who cares to look by picking one of these cut-out evening dresses that are bound to make heads turn. To cap it up, the knowledgeable designers of cut out prom dresses have diversified the places where they place the cuts. So, if your back is the strongest point of your beauty, choose a dress with a back cut out. The dresses are also available with side cut outs and above the knee cut outs. The cut out prom dresses intricate lattice makes it an alternative for lace dresses.

New Colors and largely experimental hues have also predominantly ruled the evening dresses fashion scenes top trends this year. Vibrant colors such as green, purple, red and yellow have all seen some amount of spotlight as models and celebrities queued up the fashion runways to showcase what is possible with these colors. Champagne prom dresses and purple prom dresses will most definitely make a major mark in this years prom fashion trends. The choice lies on your court. What will it be?

How to Mix and Match Clothing Pieces

fashionWhether you are packing for a travel or preparing for an upcoming interview, knowing how to mix and match clothing pieces can definitely lessen the amount of time consumed from choosing the best pieces. Having knowledge in mixing and matching is very essential in order to look instantly appealing without sacrificing fashion. The following rules in mixing and matching clothes are also essential when you only have very limited number of clothes in your closet.

  1. Always pair a lighter colored fabric with a darker colored piece of clothing. Never take a fashion risk like the Olsen sisters who are sometimes criticized for their matronly pieces or carpet-inspired looks. If you opt for a white top, pair it with dark-hued pants or skirts like red, black, or denims or vice versa. This will definitely complement with each other, adding more oomph to your appeal. On the other hand, if you wear a dress, make sure that your footwear and accessories blend well with your dress, too. Yes, the essence of mixing and matching clothing pieces is not only achieved through the fabric you wear, but also through the accessories you add to your look.
  2. Include neutral pieces in your travel bag. Earthly tones like tan, black, white, brown, gold, and the likes are easier to match with compared to bold colors like olive green, neon yellow, red, orange, and many others. Trust me; you will not face any fashion woes during your travel if you have more neutral-toned pieces in your bag. Insert jeans and denims as these are basic pieces and very easy to carry as well.
  3. Mixing and matching clothes to look stylish is not just a matter of choosing the right hues. It is also a matter of choosing the right style of clothes. A loose top is best paired with fitted pants and a body hugging top can be complemented well with pants or skirts that are not too clingy.
  4. To have a neatly-arranged closet, pile your clothes according to its color. Neatly arrange all of them either in one or in one pile as this can help you get them out of the cabinet easily. Aside from that, a well-arranged closet minimizes frustrations when packing up or when choosing a fashionable pair.

One of the ways to minimize headaches in choosing the right pieces is to buy clothes that are mostly neutral in colors. Neutral colored clothing look better in every skin color and are easier to match with as well. So, if you think that neon green in the mannequin look best, try your hands on that mustard top from Gucci.


Korean Fashion Sweeping US Fashion Scene

les-mis-poster-main-630x350An increasing number of fresh Asian-American designers are taking the fashion world of America by storm as they bring in their original visions and designs which are influenced by the heritage of Asian countries. Not similar to the previous wave of designers from Japans who hit the world of fashion in the 1980s, these new designers do not make clothes that can be particularly identified as the fashion of Asian countries, but rather make more effort to make clothes that are specifically created for mainstream by means of wearing their influences kind of lightly. The most current wave of Asian-Americans to who have hit it big in the US fashion scene are mostly young Korean designers such as Chung Doo-Ri and Richard Chai who have triumphantly managed to build a foothold in the extremely cutthroat environment of the New York fashion world.

The strong sense of style of these young Asian-American fashion designers makes most American buyers go gaga for their clothes. They are so distinct from the crowd of designers in terms of producing new trends in fashion. One of the most successful trends that they have set is the Korean street chic fashion that combines the finest traditional and present styles in order to create clothes that are exceptional and unique. The street fashion of Koreans has turn out to be very popular in most stores that sell the trendiest styles for the new generation. However, fashion that comes from a vast range of countries from Asia has turned out to be certain with the hip set of America.

If you plan on wearing Asian fashion, you must be ready to exhibit a higher sense of confidence for you to be able to pull the entire ensemble off. Despite the trite saying that clothes create the man, this is a case that would compel you to be more wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear you.